Meet the team #2 Bibian

Let’s introduce the team!

In our ‘Meet the team’ posts you will learn more about the NOFA lab members. Always wanted to know more about our projects, research interests, background, or hobbies? Keep reading!

What is your name? Bibian Borst

Can you tell something about yourself? I am a third year psychobiology student who has always had a love for football and music. I played football in the United States for two years where I studies Biology and Psychology. After two years I came back to the Netherlands and started my psychobiology bachelor at the University of Amsterdam.  In Amsterdam I joined multiple student organisations. I am a member of the OC of psychobiology, I was the president of the CareerCie of the studentorganisation Congo that organised a career day, and I work at Ajax (again love for football and music fits perfectly here, cause my job is attending football games and music concerts).

What is your role at the NOFA lab? I am a bachelor intern and we are fully emerged in the research group at the NOFA lab. This means that we take part in the testing of the participants, we go on recruiting to gather those participants, and have a calling session each week to contact and screen the possible participants.  My personal goal is just to learn as much as I can in this half year and be a reliable person in the research group.

What is your main research interest/topic? I am interested in the difference between sensation seeking behaviour traits in comparison to impulsivity. These two traits are often put together in substance use research but can have different effect on the motives of why people use a substance as well on the amount of use and problems relating the use. These kinds of models have been primarily tested with alcohol and I am interested to see what the relationship is with cannabis.

Is there anything else we should know about you? I have a small obsession with avocado’s!