Two new PhD’s start in the NofA lab

This spring, two new PhD students started working for the Neuroscience of Addiction lab: Christophe Romein and Nora de Bode.

Christophe obtained his research master’s degree in Neuroscience & Cognition at Utrecht University and started the Aging Matters project in March, a longitudinal MRI study looking at the effect of age on addiction risks. Christophe is originally from Dordrecht, but currently lives in Leiden with his cat Frits. When he is not working for the NofA lab, Christophe likes to read books about human space travel, tries to run regularly, and occasionally plays a game of chess. Within his research project, Christophe has a special interest in the influence of social context on alcohol and cannabis use in both young people and adults.

Nora de Bode started the cross-cultural VIDI project Blowing Minds in April, which focuses on the mental health of cannabis users. Nora was born and raised in Amsterdam, and has completed a research master’s degree in Clinical & Cognitive Neuroscience at Maastricht University. Nora likes travelling, parties, and books. She also has the ambition to learn Spanish.

In the context of Blowing Minds, Nora is enthusiastic about collecting and analyzing data using the experience sample method, the collaboration with international participants and collaboration partners, and the logistical challenges involved in setting up a large-scale international study.

The two new PhDs already feel very at home in the NofA lab!