Nina Mollee, Master Student

After finishing the bachelor Psychology and the minor Forensic Criminology, I started with the master Clinical Developmental Psychology in September 2019.  I decided to do my internship on the Joint Study at the NOFA lab because I’m interested in cannabis use disorder and the mechanisms involved. I’m especially interested in the reason why people start using cannabis. I’m focusing on childhood trauma: Is there a relation between childhood trauma and cannabis use?

Laura Campisi, Bachelor Student

I’m currently in my final year of the bachelor Psychobiology. I started my internship on the Joint Study at the NOFA lab in September 2019. Here I will assist with recruitment and data collection, besides doing analysis for my thesis. The brain is a complex, wel functioning mechanism, despite possible interference, such as drug use. This spikes my interst in the addiction research: how does the brain react and possibly adapts to the substance use? I hope to gain more knowledge in this area during the internship. 

Suhaavi Kochhar, Master Student

I completed my Bachelors in Psychology at Ashoka University in India last year and am now a first year Research Master student at UvA. My major is Clinical Psychology and I will be an intern at the NOFA lab starting February 2020. Mental health is a major interest of mine, and I conducted studies on college student well-being and postpartum mental health during my bachelors. More recently, an academic course inspired me to seek out research opportunities in addiction. I am specifically drawn to the Joint Study study because it integrates neurological and cultural accounts of CUD. I’m thrilled to be on the team and am looking forward to working on the study.