David Huson, Master Student

As a student of the research master Brain & Cognitive sciences, I joined the NOFA lab in January 2019 for my first research project. My main focus will be on the Joint Project, where I will assist with participant recruitment, data acquisition, and related tasks. My main interests are in MRI acquisition, MRI data analysis & programming.

Mairi Bowdler, Master Student

I am currently completing a masters programme in Health and Developmental Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. In January 2019, I started writing my thesis which was based upon a side project of the Paradox study at the NOFA lab. My thesis project is centred around university student alcohol use and drinking motives. More specifically, I am focusing on the newly hypothesized concept social attunement, as well as another motive, social conformity, and whether they have moderating effects on the relationship between perceived peer drinking and university student alcohol use. Following my thesis project, I hope to gain more experience working within addiction research.

Cece Kooper, Master Student

After obtaining the interdisciplinary bachelor Betagamma (Natural and Social Sciences) I continued the interdisciplinary path and am currently a student of the research master Brain and Cognitive Sciences (Cognitive Neuroscience track). In January 2019 I joined the NOFA lab to help unravel student risk and resilience for alcohol use disorder. For the Paradox study I will help with recruitment and data acquisition (including fMRI data). Second, as a side project I will investigate the link between social attunement, perceived peer drinking, and alcohol use in students. My main interest is how multiple disciplines can integrate their knowledge to provide possible new insights on societal problems.

Ingmar Eiling, Master Student

I started the master Brain and Cognitive Sciences in September 2018 to further explore my interests in cognitive neuroscience. The brain is a fascinating dynamical system for its ability to adapt and overcome challenges but also its sensitivity towards substances and detrimental behaviors such as addiction. Our lab is great at exploring these issues, which is why I’m doing my internship and research project here under supervision of Janna and Lauren. My personal focus is functional connectivity during cannabis cue exposure in a sample of heavy users.

Milou Timmer, Bachelor Student

I am a bachelor student in the Psychobiology course, and I am currently doing my bachelor internship and thesis at the NOFA lab. This lab highly matches my interests in neurobiological and behavioral processes underlying addiction. For my thesis, I will focus on cognitive bias and craving in cannabis dependence. During the rest of the internship, I will gain more knowledge about scientific research and I assist in recruiting and testing participants. For the future, I would like to focus on clinical work in addiction among other things and assisting in this research realizes background and motivation.

Amber de Haas, Bachelor Student

Currently, I am a Psychobiology bachelor student at the University of Amsterdam. In february 2019, I started my internship on the Paradox study of the Neuroscience of Addiction lab. I am writing my thesis on a side project of the Paradox study, that I am conducting together with three other students. The main focus of my thesis will be on the effects of drinking motives and alcohol consumption on attentional bias for alcohol-related cues. In the future,  I would like to gain more experience with clinical work and my main interest lies within the field of psychopathology.

Nicki Covena, Bachelor Student

I am a bachelor student psychobiology at the University of Amsterdam. In February 2019, I started my internship at the Neuroscience of Addiction lab. The main reason for joining this lab is my profound interest in the long-term effects of cannabis use and cannabis addiction on the brain. As part of my internship I will assist with recruitment and data collection of the Joint Study.

Lorraine Minnaar, Bachelor Student

This year I’ll finish my bachelor in Psychobiology. Therefore, I am currently doing an internship and writing my bachelor thesis with the NOFA lab. I am helping with the paradox study, in which we look at adolescent resilience to alcohol use disorders. I started in February 2019 and will finish by the end of June 2019. During my internship, I am also helping on a substance use project that investigates social attunement. For my thesis, I will mainly work on the substance use project, focussing on impulsivity.