Anne Tjepkema, Bachelor student

I am currently finishing my final year of the Bachelor Psychobiology at the University of Amsterdam. I decided on doing my internship at the NOFA lab, because I’m interested in the workings of cannabis use disorder, especially the self-medicating behavior. I’ll be looking into this self-medicating behavior in relation to depression and anxiety starting September 2020.

Thomas van Genderen, Bachelor student

I am concluding my bachelor Psychobiology with an internship at the NOFA lab. I started my internship on the Joint Study at the NOFA lab in September 2020. My interest in neurodevelopmental disorders motivated me to study psychobiology and was the subject of my english bachelor project. Previous research has highlighted the need for data regarding the relation between ADHD and CUD, my aim is to further the understanding of this relation. During my internship I will study the relationship between ADHD symptoms and cannabis use. I am grateful and delighted to join the team.

Stefanie van den Brink, Bachelor student

I am currently in the fourth year of the bachelor Psychobiology at the University of Amsterdam. I am doing an extra year in which I take classes as a trajectory towards the master Clinical Psychology. From September 2020 I will be an intern at the NOFA Lab. This study interests me because of the influence cannabis and addiction have on the brain. Since I am interested in mental health, I would like to learn more about the relationship between cannabis use disorder and anxiety. I am excited to gain more knowledge and experience during the internship.

Lana Hagedoorn, Student assistent

Hello, my name is Lana and I have recently graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychobiology. My current gap year allows me to gain experience as a researcher before I start with my Master’s degree. During my Bachelor internship, I looked into the Cannabinoid system on a molecular level. I am very happy to expand this knowledge in the Neuroscience of Addiction Lab. I won’t be writing a thesis but I will develop my practical skills. This is something that I was not able to do during my Bachelor internship due to the COVID-19 restrictions.