Paradox Study

One of the main goals of the Paradox Study is investigating the difference in brain response between adolescents and adults when exposed to alcohol-related stimuli. These differences in responses will give us more insight into the effects of alcohol in different age groups. Male participants between 16 & 18 years old and between 30 & 35 years old, that either drank often or not so often, were tested inside and outside an MRI scanner. During one of the MRI experiments, participants where exposed to a beer smell, using an olfactometer (see picture), while recording brain responses to those stimuli. Aside from that, the study specifically focussed on the social aspects of alcohol use to identify potential age related differences in the effect of social behaviour on alcohol use.

At this moment, we are not looking for participants anymore. However, feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this study or any of our other studies.