Visiting PhD Candidate Inês starts in July

In July 2023, PhD candidate Inês Macedo joined the NofA lab for a rotation program of 5 months.

Inês holds a master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology. She is affiliated with the University of Porto’s Neuropsychophysiology Lab, first as an intern in 2019. Subsequently, Inês advanced to a research assistant and is now a Ph.D. candidate. Previously, she has collaborated in projects that used electroencephalographic data to investigate psychopathological manifestations and cognitive functioning of distinct populations. Currently, Inês’ Ph.D. project focuses on long-term neuropsychophysiological effects of cannabis use and their reversibility with abstinence.

“I’m excited to enrich my knowledge by joining the NofA Lab for 5 months. Here, I’ll learn from experts and expand my neuroimaging skills, namely fMRI”.