Meet the team #9 Karis

What is your name?

Karis Colyer-Patel

Can you tell me something about yourself?

I made the move from London last year to the Netherlands to start the Neuroscience and Cognition research masters at Utrecht University! I am also working part-time as a research assistant where I am investigating the association between fear conditioning trajectories, anxiety-related characteristics and fear of the coronavirus. When I can, I love to take part in sports, particularly football. Although for the last few months this hasn’t been possible, I’m looking forward to getting back to this.

What is your role at the NOFA lab?

I am really excited to be starting as a master’s intern in the Neuroscience of Addiction lab in December, where I will support with on-going data collection for the JOINT study. My specific project will focus on investigating the effects of alcohol use severity on brain functioning in animals, and whether there are similarities and differences when comparing these effects in humans.

What is your main research interest/topic?

I am particularly interested in understanding the neurobiology of addiction and investigating how the neural mechanisms that underpin cognitive processes are altered when individuals progress onto developing a dependence to a substance. And also understanding whether these changes are substance specific.

Is there anything else we should know about you?

I am a big, big fan of animals. Especially, my small dog Bailey who of course also made the move to the Netherlands with me!

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