Janna Cousijn

I am intrigued by the fine line between addiction risk and resilience and want to understand the processes underlying trajectories of drug use. My academic career is shaped by crossing scientific borders; from neuroscience to culture and from science to society, for which team science and strong internationalization are pivotal. I have an interdisciplinary background in neurobiology, psychiatry and experimental psychology and am passionate about research and teaching. In 2012 I received my doctorate from the University of Amsterdam cum laude for identifying neurocognitive and behavioral predictors of cannabis addiction. Through postdocs at the Amsterdam University Medical Center, Leiden University and Utrecht University, I extended my knowledge on mental health, experimental psychology, brain development, neuroimaging and neuropsychopharmacology. In 2015, I was invited back at the University of Amsterdam as an assistant professor in Clinical Neuroscience where I founded the Neuroscience of Addiction lab in 2017. The NofA lab has received continued grant support, including an Amsterdam Brain & Cognition project grant (2017: co-PI Heidi Lesscher and Ingo Willuhn), NIDA-NIH RO1 (2017, co-PI Francesca Filbey), ERC-starting grant (2020) and NWO-VIDI grant (2022). After receiving the ERC-starting grant, I got the opportunity to become an associate professor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Department of Psychology, Education & Child Studies. Our team is recognized as leading cognitive neuroscientists investigating cannabis addiction. In collaboration with our international colleagues (take a peek at our publication list), we aim to improve the cannabis knowledge base, stimulate harmonization of research methods and inform users, practitioners and policy makers.
Besides working at the lab, I serve as the Psychology Research Director at the Erasmus University, I am a regional editor for Addiction Journal, and I am part of the board of the Young Erasmus Academy.