Christophe Romein

After completing my psychology bachelor at Leiden University in 2020, I finished my research master’s in Neuroscience and Cognition at Utrecht University in 2023. I started my Ph.D. in March 2023 under the supervision of Janna Cousijn, Helle Larsen and Hanan El Marroun.

One of the most significant predictors of substance use during adolescence is the proportion of substance using peers. My research project primarily focuses on a social plasticity model of substance use and addiction. We hypothesize that social context serves as a risk factor for substance use engagement during adolescence. At the same time, we also hypothesize social context to serve as a protective factor during (early) adulthood. To study this phenomenon, I combine neuroimaging (fMRI) with behavioral methods to create a better understanding of the social cognitive aspects of heavy cannabis and alcohol consumption. I will primarily focus on the effects of age-related differences in brain activity, structure, and connectivity.